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VSY Luxury Yachts Viareggio

Company Policy

Viareggio Superyachts Srl Unipersonale (VSY) are implementing their Sustainability Management System (SMS)

The management system SMS aims to coordinate all VSY participants to achieve the goal of “sustainability”:

By Sustainability, we mean the balance of 4 fundamental elements, which guarantee development and prosperity of human organizations in full respect of life fundamental values.

Workers’ Welfare:
Workers’ health and safety protection (physical and mental health). Commitment to continuously motivate competence and skills through constant training (Long Life Learning). Guarantee the constant transfer of knowledge (to learn to transferring).

Ecosystem Preservation:
Protect and restore environment and biodiversity and promote a sustainable use of the ecosystem, (ecosystems restoring) with a special focus on: mitigation, adaptation to climate change and responsible use of resources.

Asset growth:
Value, remunerate and improve tangible and intangible values (tangible and intangible assets).

Continual Improvement:
Change for the better (kaizen).

For this purpose, in its ongoing shipbuilding activity, VSY declare their MISSION in pursuing these 4 points:

  • Workers’ Welfare: promote growth for all direct and indirect (contractor) workers through continual improvement of each company process, environmental protection and injuries prevention. Support a high level of professional competence, information and training, with the purpose of creating a dynamic reality and at the same time consistent to the existing legislation. Furthermore, VSY commit on taking all decisions with due consideration to health, welfare and safety, ensuring that work environments and processes, installations and equipment are appropriate for the quality requirements of the product, and for the applied work processes preventing injuries and occupational illness.
  • Ecosystem Preservation: Constantly monitor and improve the significant environmental aspects management.
    Adopt all necessary measures to minimise environmental impacts even in state of emergency. In consideration of the potential impacts of the end product, the goal pursued is that of a management focused on the pollution prevention and the optimization of financial and environmental resources in terms of life cycle. By using computational sustainability systems, VSY want to promote and invest in conservation initiatives aimed to preserve marine resources and Natural Capital.
    Adopt Green Procurement criteria for all the main stakeholders.
  • Asset growth: pursue excellence in shipbuilding thereby becoming an international reference point for superlative mega yachts. Implement, maintain and improve an efficient Sustainability Management System for the construction of vessels capable of satisfying the clients’ needs; set new reference standards in relation to the environmental, social and economic indicators for a steady improvement of their performance; implement all research activities and direct transfer of knowledge (Research Institutes, Universities, Centres of Excellence) through collaboration, research and development in order to increase the assets in terms of brain capital (patents, spin-off).
  • Continual Improvement: pursue a continual improvement of the Sustainability Management System in compliance with the applicable requirements and the Corporate Social Responsibility principles, expressed in the three points of the triple bottom line (planet, people, profit). In accordance with the smart industry’s international guidelines, VSY pays particular attention to the intangible capital linked to:
    • Internal competence constantly updated to satisfy necessary skill requirements.
    • Sharing values and competence within the Supply Chain.
    • Commitment in promoting and sharing good industry practices within the entire industrial cluster.
    • Sharing values and strategies with the entire Value Chain.

For this purpose VSY shall communicate the content of this policy to all Stakeholders with all means of communication.

Results and goals progress will be reported in VSY Improvement Plan.

October 2017



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015,

OHSAS 18001:2007

Engineering, welding outfitting, technical outfitting, internal and external outfitting, fairing, painting, repairing and selling.


VSY was born in 2004 to initiate a project of strong relevance to the mega yacht business, with a functional and constructive philosophy focused on building great and “over-over the top” ships.

VSY has identified in Waterevolution an integrated model able to respond to its own sustainability commitment through:

  • constant improvement of the companies ecological footprint in the marine cluster;

  • resources investment in environmental responsibility programs for the protection of the sea.

VSY is a partner of Polo Nautico Scpa located in Viareggio, according to the laws in force regarding state concessions. the shipyard has A production area of over 3800 SM, technical and service areas included, built carefully ex novo according to the latest standards,. internal staff has been evolving and expanding since the beginning.

The workforce produced in the sector come to an average of 150 employees, reaching 200 in certain productive moments of the shipyard. between the financial and productive future plans, it is expected a further productive growth that will highlight the whole maritime sector of the area and build a pole of growth for employment and workforce, which will improve even more the shipbuilding area of our town.

VSY grants external companies almost 95% of its own productive activities. The supplier’s choice is to have a strategic approach for the company that has to operate with high control standard requiring to uphold to the working requirements and quality, safety and environmental principles.

November 2017