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Beyond Luxury


We at VSY have at heart the values of man in his natural, social habitat: the diversity of life, the quality of the soil, water and air, the care of resources, the bio-diversity of our planet, the health and justice for the human beings who inhabit it. Hence, it is important for us to establish solid ethical principles which characterize our activity – convinced that only knowledgeable, responsible action can make a positive contribution to society and the environment.
Our Declaration of Sustainability is a formal act by which our shipyard aims to communicate their adoption of a new, strategic plan of sustainability based, not on a prescriptive approach but focused on the objective of optimizing our policy of sustainability – economic, environmental and social.

Our Declaration of Sustainability aims to valorize the tangible and intangible assets of the shipyard, underlining the complex virtual dynamics VSY triggers for the benefit of its territory and in the context of the local and global nautical sector, guaranteeing the continuity and development of its own activities, improving and strengthening technical and structural capital – that is the totality of procedures, operative and strategic instruments – implementing the responsible, ethical values forming the basis of VSY’s capacity for growth in time, creating value for today’s interlocutors and for the generations of tomorrow.

The fundamental principles of transparency, impartiality, equality, discretion, environmental care, health protection, respect for legality, honesty and morality are already part of our normal corporate practice.
Our Ethical Code is an essential component of our model of corporate organization at VSY – and this not only with the aim of preventing the crimes described in Article 6 of the Legal Decree, 8th June, 2001 concerning the administrative responsibility of individuals, companies and associations but also of promoting our relational capital and our care for corporate operational efficiency – thus marking our action with that respect for transparency, equality, loyalty, correctness and competitiveness.