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REA-LU 18418
Via dei Pescatori, 56
55049 Viareggio, Italy
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VSY Luxury Yachts Viareggio

A New Perspective


Every VSY yacht is a reflection of the owner’s cultural background and the technological expertise of the builder. Choosing VSY means giving life to an extraordinary project where every detail is minutely custom-designed and realized to satisfy the deepest, most personal requirements of the owner.

State-of-the-art engineering and technology form the very soul of VSY production philosophy. Besides using the best marine components available in northern Europe, they also supply a set of custom-built components produced by the best Italian craftsmen in order to match the customer’s requirements as well as those of function and aesthetics. Added to this there is on-going collaboration with Kongsberg Maritime AS – the Norwegian Dynamic Positioning and Automation suppliers – which forms the technological heart of every one of their yachts.

The long list of features and care VSY put into their Total Eco-Yachts is impressive:
– wide use of recyclable materials
– redundancy also for the system of water treatment
– electric auxiliary engines
– a Green Anchoring system
– installation of last generation particle filters
– recycling of the heat from the generator exhausts to produce hot water on board
– study and definition of an eco-productive maintenance system
– Limited damage to the eco-system
– a philosophy and approach given wide publicity in the headlines of the international yachting press.

In an Italian culture imbued with beauty since the time of the Renaissance, perhaps it is no coincidence that VSY operate in Viareggio in the very heart of Tuscany. Here, beauty is an ever evolving ability in real time to imagine and create. The ability to masterfully interpret and realize volumes and spaces – water lines and rake – with the inspiration that takes concrete form in craftsmanship of the highest level.