WATEREVOLUTION – The Taste of Change

To celebrate the “Best Practice” award received by UNESCO, for their commitment to protecting the marine environment VSY shipyard has held a Grand Gala Dinner at Palazzo Pisani Moretta in the name of the greatest collective good – the SEA.
What better city than Venice could act as backdrop for an event to explore new routes and new points of view.
The Taste of Change is from the sea’s perspective, its balances and influence on the whole life cycle.
The SEA is also protagonist of the 9-course Menu with 9 sustainable recipies prepared by Starred Chef Cristiano Tomei: – an experience which is already change!

About Waterevolution
The dinner was preceded by a press conference to illustrate the “WATEREVOLUTION” model,
recognized by the Blue Solutions programme, which improves the carbon footprint of maritime companies
through the application of “computational sustainability” and, at the same time, reinvests resources in programmes concerning environmental responsibility, and the protection of the sea, focussing particularly on conservation.
This results in the optimization of processes and resources to be reinvested in the environment in favour of real sustainable development.
The Tuscan shipyard VSY is proud to carry on this initiative to further sensitize maritime stakeholders towards the protection and preservation of the environment.