VSY support Pelagos 2.0

Among the many activities for which VSY are fast becoming a by-word in the context of integrated sustainability with special regard to the sea and nature, their support for the Pelagos 2.0 Project naturally comes to the fore. In fact, with a donation made last Christmas, VSY has made a concrete contribution to this Project for marine conservation in the Mediterranean.
Pelagos is the name of the sanctuary for the conservation of Mediterranean marine mammals and was internationally recognized by an agreement between France, Italy and Monaco signed in 1999 establishing a vast international sanctuary for the conservation of Mediterranean marine mammals.
It is of great ecological importance and includes the basins of Corsica, Liguria and Provence. Pelagos 2.0 aims at strengthening the capacity of the above Sanctuary for the conservation of marine mammals and their increasingly large and complex ecosystem, and expanding the current governance of the marine protected area within a broader international framework. This project is promoted by l’Associazione Eulabor e il Thetys Institute of Milan, who signed an agreement on board the Stella Maris last year. This was further discussed this year at a round table in Marseilles in the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco who always takes a personal interest in these issues.