Following the success of the first WATEREVOLUTION event held in Milan in June during the Expo 2015, it is time now for VSY to celebrate another prestigious achievement: the recognition of WATEREVOLUTION as a best practices within the Panorama/Blue Solutions, a global platform to collate and share innovative concepts and practical approaches for sustainable
management and equitable governance of our blue planet.
The aim of this event in Venice is to share with relevant international and national stakeholders and institutions a comprehensive model that not only allows a substantial reduction of the environmental and energy footprint of the industry but also translates into significant cost savings, a part of which is reinvested into meaningful marine conservation programs proven for their effectiveness.
Waterevolution represents a practical example that nature conservation and human progress are not mutually exclusive.
To allow better understanding of the model from stakeholders with different backgrounds and interests, Waterevolution has developed a specific cross-sectoral communication platform that leads to two main events on the 29th October:
– A morning session at the Unesco Venice Office at Palazzo Zorzi with a working table to share the Waterevolution model with a wide representation of stakeholders from the political, industrial, conservation sectors and a press conference;
– An evening session at the magnificent Palazzo Pisani Moretta to celebrate with a Gala Dinner the recognition of Waterevolution as a best practice. The model will be presented and shared with the major national and international authorities and industries that are able to transform the model into an operational platform.
In a few words a way to discover how the industry is contributing to changing the world.