Stella Maris: one of the only four yachts in the world with certified helideck!

Many yachts now have helidecks although only a few are certified. VSY, aware that such certification is obligatory for all commercial yachts, have chosen to draw up a project ad hoc.
To date, there are only four megayachts with helidecks certified by the world-leading HCA (Helideck Certification Agency). Stella Maris, VSY’s flagship, is one of these and with her 72 metres in length is also one of the smallest superyachts to have obtained it, without making any compromises – especially in terms of security. However, landing on the helideck of a great yacht is a challenge and carries serious risks. Not many people know that the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s Large Commercial Yacht code (LY2) has in fact been modified in the interests of greater security, and standards have been fixed to ensure security during take-off and landing as well as reduce accidents and injury to a minimum. These standards define restrictive guidelines for some key elements in the design and operation of helidecks; guidelines which have been scrupulously followed by VSY and the whole design team of Stella Maris. The result is an approved Eurocopter EC 135 helideck for use by day or night whether with Side Landings or those practiced by the Royal Navy. In fact, it is a platform where security and versatility blend to create a multifunctional area which – once the helicopter has left – can be used, by day, as a fantastic sundeck furnished with chaise longue and pouf in line with the décor of the yacht and, later, as a spectacular location for exclusive dinners suitably illuminated to create the desired atmosphere.