Sir Richard Branson awarded by VSY in London

We are very pleased to announce that the winner of “The Philanthropist of the Year” Award, that we have sponsored at the 2014 Spear’s Wealth Management Awards in London, is Sir Richard Branson.The Spear’s Wealth Management Awards celebrate high net worth individuals and wealth managers for their successes, innovations and acumen in the year.

In particular, the Award we have sponsored was intended for an individual who has undertaken outstanding philanthropic activity during 2013-14. The judges have chosen, among other prestigious candidates, Sir Richard Branson to recognize his special contribution to philanthropy, his great vision and innovation. “We are very proud to have sponsored this important Award” stated Vienna Eleuteri, VSY Sustainability Manager, at the end of the ceremony – “Along with product and process innovation, we urgently need to make fundamental changes to business models – and the systems that support them – to meet our current and future sustainability challenges. Companies and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to use their unique foresight and influence to lead the way to better business models for others and to catalyze broader systems change. None better than sir Richard Branson represents this opportunity”. Picture: from left the BBC’s Tanya Beckett, Vienna Eleuteri of VSY and Isabella Branson.