Italian Ambassador in Monaco to visit M/Y Stella Maris

The Italian Ambassador to the Principality of Monaco, His Excellency Antonio Morabito, was today on an official visit on board our flagship Stella Maris, presently anchored off Monaco port.
The event is the outworking of a shared desire to promote Italian excellence abroad, boost the Italian brand on the International market and support the competitive advantages of the Italian Economic System in the world: a natural synergy which translates the added value of Italian workmanship and their ability to be in the front line with innovation and quality into living concrete proposals. Stella Maris was in Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix as well as being Godmother of the Charting Sustainability Programme involving a route which will take her on to other French and Italian waters to promote new governance in the Mediterranean based on sustainable navigation. This important initiative is promoted by our shipyard – whose brand has become a byword for integrated sustainability based on quality, technology, design, Italian style and the ability to inject VSY management criteria right down through the production line to the end product itself. Tested protocols of integrated sustainability are aimed at boosting our natural heritage, quality and social values with the positive effects these will have on allied territorial production chains.