Green Anchoring: VSY’s answer of sustainable anchoring

Despite what was previously rumoured, the Balearic government has decided not to impose severe anchorage restrictions to safeguard their rich expanses of the aquatic weed Posidonia – a protected plant which grows all over the Mediterranean sea bed.
This means yachts of any size will continue to be able to drop anchor in sand in the region providing it “is not populated by this protected weed”, which is so important to marine ecology. This also shows that the care and protection of our environment is assuming primary importance for the survival of the eco-system which gives us life. It follows that the same sensitivity should also be increasingly evident in sustainable production itself. VSY-Viareggio Superyachts have, in fact, been active in this sense from the outset equipping their yachts with various solutions aimed at reducing a negative impact on the environment. Among these is their Green Anchoring system: dynamic positioning where traditional anchoring would cause damage to the sea bed and is therefore forbidden in places like coral reefs and Scandinavian fjords. The system of dynamic positioning is technically guaranteed by the Kongsberg system. The power management of all controls on board is integrated with the navigating system controlling the thrust of the Brunvoll and Schottel auxiliary thrusters. Moreover, the size and quality of the integrated system guarantees precise positioning with a maximum margin of 30 mm. in conditions of cross winds up to 30 knots. With Green Anchoring, therefore, even the most sensitive skippers and owners to environmental matters will not be restricted even with larger yachts like those built by VSY-Viareggio Superyachts. This further confirms VSY’s Eco Green vision which they implement on their yachts as “deeper luxury”, and is one of their exclusive trademarks.