The personalized VSY-Viareggio Superyachts bicycles did not go unnoticed during the recent Monaco Boat Show.
By now you know the enormous amount of care and long check-list of methods and features that we put into our Total Eco-Yachts, such as: • wide use of recyclable materials • redundancy also for the system of water treatment able to produce biologically transparent and odorless discharges running on 2 units • electric auxiliary engines for use in harbor and wherever it is advisable to avoid running of the main engine, resulting in a vastly reduced environmental impact, especially in terms of noise • a Green Anchoring system to station the yacht by dynamic positioning in those areas where traditional anchoring is forbidden because potentially damaging, for example, to coral reefs and Scandinavian fjords • installation of last generation particle filters for the highest possible smoke reduction in the exhaust system • recycling of the heat from the generator exhausts to produce hot water on board • study and definition of an eco-productive maintenance system for continuous integrated monitoring (extended to post-delivery) of the eco-systems and appliances installed, providing also a dedicated ergonomic training software platform for the manning of the yacht. True to form, we joined pleasure and eco-sustainability by using our own bicycles to move around Monaco during the Yacht Show. A simple idea that reinforces our Eco-Green vision and offers a small contribution towards the improvement of the quality of life for ourselves and future generations.